The Inward Journey retreat

The Journey


1st – 5th March 2023

Embark with us on the most important and beautiful journey – The Journey Inward

On a sunny day walking back home & entering the same room (semi-dark). Even though we know the room, we can't see things in the room immediately, but by spending some time there we can eventually see things. In life, our day-to-day activities are like sunny days even though we enter our subconscious state since we spend little time, chances of noticing things are minimal. This retreat's objective is to spend more in a conscious & subconscious state. We invite all levels of practitioners of Yoga, including beginners, Ayurveda enthusiasts & nature lovers. No previous yoga experience is required
Petra has been on her yoga path for many years as a student and teacher. Yoga is her lifestyle and she is deeply convinced about its profound impact on a person's life. Petra is compassionate about different yoga approaches. where, through a gentle movement breath, and voice, she can touch her student's hearts. she can help access the parts deep within, where a person is allowed to feel. Where they are vulnerable, open, loved, and complete. In this retreat, she will be guiding you through Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, sound healing, and more
Petra Schuessler​
Yoga Teacher
Yashwanth is the founder and director of Pratyaksha Yoga. where the objective is to introduce the real aspects of life through yoga. He is known for his deep and precise knowledge and gentle approach toward his students. He utilizes this knowledge through yoga for people suffering from physical and mental ailments. in this retreat, he will lead Hata Yoga sessions, Pranayama, and much more
Yashwanth Panyam
Yoga Teacher


Hata yoga / Yin Yoga / Yoga Nidra / Pranayama / Sound healing / Chanting / Trekking...

5 days - 4 nights

1st - 5th March 2023, All meals are Vegetarian.


You can use own drive or join us to travel together( based on number people we'll share the amount for travel expense by mid of January)


Payable amount to book a slot is 10,000 INR

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Anjanagiri Tea Estate

Anjanagiri Estate, Kadasholai, Tamil Nadu 643216

Single occupancy

30,000 INR for 1 perosn

Double occupancy

46,000 INR for 2 People

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