About Us

” Pratyaksha is a state in which one sees an inner experience, feels it, and establishes oneself in it ” 

Pratyaksha Yoga is a yoga school that offers a wide variety of  workshops, short courses & Yoga Teacher Training

Our Philosophy: If you want to be the first, go alone. If you want to go far, go together—and that’s why we believe in reaching out to people with similar interests and support in pursuing the knowledge of yoga as we grow as an organization.

Our Mission: We believe in the power of yoga to help people achieve their goals and aspirations, both inside and outside the studio. Whether you’re looking to improve your physical health, nurture your emotional well-being, or simply feel more confident in the world around you, we have something for you.


Our service is yoga; We welcome you all. We're trying build physical, physiological & psychological abilities of people to withstand any kind of obstacle in life by combining various tools like virtual classes, Personal classes, workshops and Teacher Trainings.

Yoga  chikista
Teacher Training
Hands on correction
Weekend classes

Therapy Teacher Training

Yoga chikista

Workshop on how to Physically aligning the spine

Hands on correction

every sataurday 8:00 am, in whitefield

Weekend classes

Self-discipline leads to freedom

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