Online Advanced Hata Yoga Classes

Elevate your practice with advanced asanas every Tuesday throughout the month. Are you ready to commit to growth? 

Ready to take the next step in your yogic journey?

Here’s what you need to know

  • Someone with consistent yoga practice
  • Strong foundation in Asana
  • Desire to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga
  • Commitment to self-discovery and personal growth

Move beyond the physical and explore the subtle nuances of postures. Master advanced variations, refine your balance and grace, and uncover the profound connection between body and mind. You'll become a sculptor of your own practice, shaping your Asana into an expression of your inner self.

  • Classes will be conducted virtually via Zoom.
  • Complete your registration and payment. We'll then send you access to join the 75-minute online class conveniently through our website. See you on Zoom at 6:30pm IST
  • Class lead Yashwanth ( principal yoga teacher of Pratyaksha Yoga)

The tuition fee for this online classes. Actual fee ₹3000 and discounted fee will be ₹2700

Registration is open now!

Dive into 75 minutes of  learning with our online Zoom classes! Join us at 6:30pm (5 minutes early recommended).

The Story of Chanakya and Asana: A Journey of Stability and Control

In ancient India, a young boy named Chanakya wanted to help his mother carry water, but the pots were heavy and Chanakya clumsy. He dropped and broke them at first. His patient mother taught him how to lift and balance the water pots. It took Chanakya months to walk steadily without spilling water. He took many trips, but with each step, he gained control. Years later, Chanakya mastered carrying water, moving with confidence. Just like yoga, mastering Asana takes patience and practice. We may stumble, but dedication brings stability and control. This stable foundation allows us to progress further in yoga. Chanakya’s story reminds us that yoga is a journey, not a destination.

Remember Chanakya from above

 the young boy who learned to carry water with unwavering determination? His journey mirrors our own in yoga, starting with shaky, uneven steps and progressing to effortless balance and control. Like Chanakya, we navigate three stages in our yogic practice: Adhama, Madhyama, and finally, Uttama: the pinnacle of mastery.

Uttama is not just about poses; it's about embodying the essence of yoga. Here, you transcend alignment and delve into the profound depths of Asana, Breath, and self-discovery. Just as Chanakya honed his skills through consistent effort, Uttama demands dedication and a thirst for knowledge.

Limited seats only, starting from 16th July 2024

Tuesday series

2700 All Tuesdays in month

Drop-ins are always welcome!

1000 per session

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