Weekend Workshop

Advance Backbends

Principle: Ahimsa

This two days workshop involves asana practice for one and half hours. Post discussion on alignments & ways of getting into the asana & preparations for half an hour.


It's not about achieving the Physical expression on Asana, it's more of sustaining the practice longer with consistent progress to complete the experience. We'll prepare the body to complete the Spinal movement ( Backbends) series of backbends like Khapathasana, Eka pada rajakapothasana....


1. Minimum 1 year of yoga practice ( able to hold kakkasana ) 2. Interested in deepening the practice & also understanding 3. No major health conditions


As a part of preparation please include lateral bends & navasana 3 rounds in your practice.


1.Igniting your inner power & Anahata chakra 2.Using asana as a tool for understanding the self 3. Safe sustainable practice principles

22nd & 23rd July'2023

10 :30 am to 12:30 pm