Advanced Backbends Workshop

Advanced Backbends Workshop

Deepen Your Backbends & Ignite Your Inner Fire: A 2-Day Weekend Workshop

We prioritize inner understanding and progress over achieving perfect physical postures.

Is to Develop the strength , flexibility and better understanding to confidently approach Advanced backbends in personal practice & teaching

  • You've been practicing yoga for at least a year: You've got the basics down and are ready to explore new territory!
  • Holding Crow Pose (Kakkasana) is no sweat: This means you have a good foundation of strength and balance.
  • You're curious to go beyond the poses: You're not just about the physical practice, but also want to understand the deeper meaning and benefits of yoga.
  • You're feeling healthy and ready to take on a challenge: No major health concerns holding you back? Awesome!

Yoga Sangha, HSR layout, Bengaluru

there is a tuition fee of 2500 INR per student to participate.

June 23rd and 30th 

 8:30am to 10:30am ( Both the Sundays)

Have any questions? If you have any questions about the Advance Backbends Workshop, please don't hesitate to contact us at 8500909079.
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