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Advanced Hata Yoga Classes

Elevate your practice with advanced asanas every Saturday throughout the month. Are you ready to commit to growth? 

The Story of Chanakya and Asana: A Journey of Stability and Control

We’ll start with a small story. In ancient India, a young boy named Chanakya lived in a village where water was scarce. His mother struggled to carry clay pots filled with water from the lake, making the trip many times a day. Chanakya, determined to help, tried to carry the pots himself. But at first, he was clumsy, dropping and breaking them. He learned slowly, with his mother’s guidance, how to lift and balance the pots.

The journey was not easy. It took Chanakya months to walk steadily and avoid spilling water. He had to take many trips, more than even his mother. But with each step, he gained control and stability.

After years of practice, Chanakya mastered the art of carrying water. He moved with confidence, taking fewer trips and spilling not a drop. His journey reflects the path of yoga, where we start with stumbles and gradually gain control over our body and breath. This is the essence of Asana, the third limb of Patanjali’s Eightfold Path of Yoga. Asana means “posture,” but it’s more than just holding a shape. It’s about finding stability and control in your physical body, just like Chanakya mastered carrying the water pot.

When you can move and hold your body with control during yoga practice, with your breath flowing steadily like the water in the pot, you’ve achieved Asana. This stable foundation allows you to progress further on your yogic journey, towards Pranayama (breath control) and beyond. Chanakya’s story reminds us that the path to Asana is one of patience and practice. We may stumble at first, but with dedication, we can find stability and control within ourselves, laying the groundwork for deeper exploration in yoga.

Remember Chanakya from above

 the young boy who learned to carry water with unwavering determination? His journey mirrors our own in yoga, starting with shaky, uneven steps and progressing to effortless balance and control. Like Chanakya, we navigate three stages in our yogic practice: Adhama, Madhyama, and finally, Uttama: the pinnacle of mastery.

Uttama is not just about poses; it's about embodying the essence of yoga. Here, you transcend alignment and delve into the profound depths of Asana, Breath, and self-discovery. Just as Chanakya honed his skills through consistent effort, Uttama demands dedication and a thirst for knowledge.

Ready to take the next step in your yogic journey?

Here’s what you need to know

  • Someone with consistent yoga practice
  • Strong foundation in Asana
  • Desire to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga
  • Commitment to self-discovery and personal growth

Move beyond the physical and explore the subtle nuances of postures. Master advanced variations, refine your balance and grace, and uncover the profound connection between body and mind. You'll become a sculptor of your own practice, shaping your Asana into an expression of your inner self.

there is a tuition fee of 4000 INR per student to participate.

8:30 am to 9:45 am ( it's a 75mins session)

Limited seats only, starting from 9th March 2024

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