Pranayama Sadhana Workshop


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Program is based on the Principle : Svādhyāya

Objective : To improve one’s personal practice and growth in teaching. Pranayama is the preparation for the Antharanga sadhana ( for Pratyahara, Dharana & Dhyana) from both the traditions Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga and valuable for beginners as well as advance students.

Who can join :

1.Practicing yoga minimum of one  Year (Regular Practitioners ) , Teacher training students  and teachers with NO major health conditions.

2.Commitment for 3 months to practice your learnings from the workshop.

3. Should able to comfortably hold any arm balance and inversion (Headstand)  ( To know your practice share the recording of you holding on social media and Tag @pratyakshayoga )

Benefits :

1.Helps in improving the pattern of sleep and sleep itself.

2. Improves the digestive fire, helps in better digestion.

3. Develops calming effects and relieves anxiety, improves concentration.

4. Improves cardiovascular and nervous disorders and stress related conditions.

5. Induces muscular relaxation, mental tranquility.

Learnings from Workshop:

  1.  Build and align personal pranayama practice

  2. Prana and its understanding towards pranayama

  3. Classical Pranayama’s

  4. Principle of each Pranayama

  5. Step by step to built the pranayama practice.

  6. Kumbhaka’s + Mudras

Dates : offline workshop – from 22nd to 24th April’2024 (3 days)

Location : Pratyaksha Yoga, Whitefield, Bangalore 🔗

Timings: 10:00 am to 1pm

Fee : 5000 INR

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