Yoga for Dancers

Yoga for Dancers

Natraj Padmanabhan

Weekend workshop in January at PSN

Let the rhythm of your breath guide the rhythm of your dance​

Are you ready to elevate your dance journey to new heights? Join our exclusive "Yoga for Dancers" workshop, a transformative experience designed to seamlessly weave the power of yoga into your dance training.

Lead by: Natraj Padmanabhan

Natraj got introduced to Yoga at the age of 12. Since 1996 he has been conducting trips in Himalayas - called Voyage of Self Discovery- involving Yoga and Mystique of the Himalayas.

The experience of adventure and journeys within - in both the Himalaya and in Yoga have made him a staunch believer in the experiential learning model. He has been leading and conducting Adventure based outbound training programs for Corporates and Educational Institutions for a couple of decades.

In 2019 he completed a 200 HR RYT(Yoga Alliance) Teachers Training under Yashwanth from Pratyaksha Yoga. He has been inspired to work with people with physical and psychological issues.

Covid put an end to the physical travel which opened the doors to deeper inner journeys and teaching Yoga full time. He considers himself fortunate for the opportunities to help people cope with stressful times through Yoga.

Practising and Teaching Yoga is now an integral part of life along with curating experiential trips in the Himalaya.

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