Hata Yoga has three Limbs: Shatkarma, Asana & Pranayama (the course involves these three). The objective of HATA is to create balance at Physical, physiological & psychological levels. Ha represents Inhalation & Ta represents Exhalation. The entire course is based on (HA & TA) breath, building 3 limbs on top of it. 

The program has four segments:

  • Preparation
  • Experience
  • Understanding
  • Teaching


Dear Future Teacher Training Program Participants,

We hope this message finds you well and filled with anticipation for the upcoming Teacher Training Program. We are excited to embark on this journey of yoga and self-discovery with each of you.

As you may already be aware, the subject of yoga encompasses not only the mind and spirit but also the body. To help you make the most of your training and ensure a comfortable and enriching experience, we strongly recommend incorporating a minimum level of physical activity and movement into your daily routine before the program begins.


Learning is based on experience. We will be practicing Shatkarma , Asana ( Deeper aspects) & Pranayama to generate experience & sense of learning.


If you build something vertically you take a reference point, making sure that it’s not leaning out/ moving out of direction throughout the construction. In the process of learning yoga, we’re taking the reference of the below topics based on Yogasturas & Hata yoga Pradepika & others to support the Yogic journey. Siddhanta: Ashtanga Yoga, Pancha Prana, Pancha Kosha. Philosophy: Study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.


Practice & teaching go hand in hand. Assume you’re filling the cup ( Mind ) with knowledge, at a certain point in time it’s filled completely. Now to continue learning you need to empty the cup. That’s where teaching starts. We’ll be helping you in different aspects of teaching in the process of sharing & building on your ability to teach.

New batch starting from 8th Jan to 3rd March'2024

8:30 am - 1:00 pm


This is the amount we charge for our efforts in supporting your growth: Registration fee(5000 INR) + Base fee ( 70,000 INR)= Total fee 75,000 INR


As part of the course, one will go through Practical, Teaching, Theoretical exams and Viva.

Continuing Education

The personal journey of a student starts at the end of the course. To support student's growth in sadhana and understanding towards practice and it's application, We'll hold Pranayama Sadhana workshops twice a year. And if you're our Teacher Training student, you won't have to pay for this workshop.

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Our Intensions are same as other yoga schools but we’re different in our approach. We work on making things much simple & finding different applications of practice to address every individual.

Objective of the program is to learn or know about oneself using the tool yoga, but it’s personal choice if we don’t want to teach. In future you would like to share the journey you experienced the teaching segment will be helpful

Studio space can accommodate 12 students maximum.   

One need to have minimum awareness towards their body & breath. Having an advance asana practice can be positive.

Yes, you’ll be able to teach. but it’s a start , if one can work on basics for minimum of 6 months then you can see progress.

Every school has unique approach towards practice once we start practicing with them it gives a different perspective, learning & applications. But before you choose we suggest to try few classes with us to have an idea of  our approach.